Cliodna's Otherworldly Restorative Cloak All

(NOTE: This item can be equipped by all but its /uses can only be used by the following classes:

Use1: Cler, Fri, Her, Bard, Dru, Ward, Heal, Sha, Valk.

Use2: Cler, Fri, Her, Pal, Dru, Ward, Bard, Ment, Heal, Sha, Spir, Warl, Valk.
Magical Bonuses:
- Hits: 50 pts
- Constitution: 15 pts
- Mythical Stat Cap ( Constitution ): 6
- Power: 10 % of power pool.

Level Requirement: 50 Level

Bonus to stat enhancement spell effectiveness: 5%
Bonus to healing effectiveness: 10%
Bonus to casting speed: 2%
Bonus to power bonus cap: 10 (works with both power and power % items)
Bonus to duration of spells: 5%
Bonus to spell range: 2%

Charged Magic Ability:
- 30 Charges
- 30 Max
Function: Wave of Healing

Heals targets within view of the caster. The caster must be able to see the target or else the target will not be healed.

Value: 33%
Target: Realm
Casting time: instant
Radius: 2000

Also casts:
Function: heal

Heals the target.

Value: 33%
Target: Self
Casting time: instant

- This spell is cast when the item is used.
- Requirement: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Healer

Secondary Charged Magic Item:
- 30 Charges
- 30 Max
Function: raise dead

Brings target back to life, and restores a portion of their health and power, and eliminates the experience penalty and con loss they would have suffered were they to have /released.

Target: Dead
Casting time: instant
Radius: 500

- This spell is cast when the item is used.
- Requirement: Rezzing Classes + Mentalists Only

Can use item every: 10:00 min

Cannot be sold to merchants.

Bonus Level: 50