Ring of the Summoned All

(Hand this ring to your realm's Ghostly Keep Lord to recharge it.

NOTE: This ring can not be /used if any extra Rings of the Summoned are in your inventory, saddlebags or /bank.
Magical Bonuses:
- Hits: 75 pts
- Slash: 8%
- Crush: 8%
- Thrust: 8%

Level Requirement: 50 Level

Bonus to hit points bonus cap: 50
Bonus to armor factor (AF): 10

Charged Magic Ability:
- 2 Charges
- 2 Max
Function: Reward Bonus

Increases the amount of RP BP that is awarded.

Bonus: 25.0%
Target: Self
Duration: 60:00 min
Casting time: instant

- This spell is cast when the item is used.
- Requirement: Can't use ring of summoned

Can use item every: 30 sec

Cannot be dropped.
Cannot be traded to other players.
Cannot be sold to merchants.

Bonus Level: 50