Astral Pants of Stellar Warding Hibernia


  • Dexterity: 21 pts
  • Armor Factor (AF): 14
  • All Magic Skills: 2
  • All Melee Skills: 2

TOA Bonuses

  • TOA Spell Range: 3%
  • TOA Power Pool: 7%
  • Acuity cap: 10
  • TOA Cast Speed: 4%

Primary Ability

  • Channeling this item calls down the protection of the stars upon yourself and anyone near you.
  • Charge: 30 max

Secondary Ability

  • Target gains a temporary health buffer that absorbs 50% of the physical and magical damage dealt, up to a maximum of 200 damage.
  • Reactive Proc: Spell has a chance of casting when this armor is hit by an enemy.


  • Utility: 96.77
  • Level Requirement: 50
  • Bonus Level: 49
  • Sellable? No

Some of the data from Broadsword is not accurate.
Please let me know if you notice anything off.
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