Astral Cloak of the Outrider All

(Using the regenerative powers of this cloak will generate an additional protection from Essence damage until the cloak is removed.)
Magical Bonuses:
- ALL archery skills: 4 pts
- Stealth: 4 pts
- Dexterity: 22 pts
- Quickness: 22 pts
- Hits: 50 pts

Level Requirement: 50 Level

Bonus to casting speed: 2%
Reduces enemy target's resistances versus all magic damage by 5%. Only resists gained from items are reduced.

Magical Ability:
(This ability removes shields and stat buffs off of enemy targets.)
- This spell is cast when the item is used.

Secondary Magical Ability:
Function: heal all over time

Target regenerates hits, endurance and power during the duration of the spell.

Value: 4%
Target: Self
Duration: 30 sec
Frequency: 5.0 sec
Casting time: instant

Also casts:
Function: resistance enhancement

Enhances the target's resistance to the listed damage type.

Resist Essence: 25
Target: Self
Casting time: instant

- This spell is cast when the item is used.

Can use item every: 15:00 min

Cannot be put in your bank.
Cannot be traded to other players.
Cannot be sold to merchants.

Bonus Level: 47