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Carol's Saturday Giveaway Stream!

Official Twitch channel for the MMO Dark Age of Camelot.

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Skald sur Phoenix ^_^ ! #ShadowMakers
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[PHOENIX] Drachenraid

Guude. Ich bin leidenschaftlicher Zocker seit Ende der 90er. Das SNES hat mir das Tor in die Gaming-Welt geöffnet, der PC hat hinter mir abgeschlossen und den Schlüssel weggeworfen.

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Phoenix | Otori - Sorc | Dragon Raid

Hello people, welcome to the stream!

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HIB / NS Most fun you can legally have as a single NS! Tonight we hunt!

You love games? If the answer is "yes" then you should stay and share it =)Gaming has been my passion ever since (duh) cause Games are awesome.Streaming: - Don't Starve - League of LegendsFeel free to join me on this Journey and make sure to hit that Follow button. Peace

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[Hib / Phoenix] Cherche un groupe FR [Instagram / Twitter]
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Minstrel Dragon Raid

LORD CELYTH ggclose™

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Phoenix - Dragon Raid!
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First big raid of the server (alb, phoenix)

Call me Andy. Or Andizlack, "Andeez-lack"! My grandmother bought me a Nintendo for Christmas when I was 3 and I've been hooked since.

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Rvring with ze Germans!

Hi! This is fujjeh! Watch me play Daoc, CS:go, Dota 2 etc etc

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DAoC Is Back Session XP HIB
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DAOC Phoenix Server

Welcome to my stream. My Name is Pouria Benisi. Im 27 years old living in Sweden. I love gaming and entertain people so this seems like a good place to start. I will try to be variety streamer but i will play alot of Sea of Thieves when it comes out. I will be online around 16:00-18:00 PM GMT +1 EU.

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DAoC Leveling a Savage | Phoenix Server | @statctrl on twitter
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